Feb 28, 2024

UK FCA Approves Department of Trust as Registered Account Information Services Provider

UK FCA Approves Department of Trust as Registered Account Information Services Provider

First dedicated safer gambling platform given direct access to open banking infrastructure

LONDON, UK – 28 February 2024 - Department of Trust (dotrust.co.uk), the award-winning provider of financial risk assessments for safer gambling, has received official status from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Registered Account Information Service Provider (RAISP) under the terms of the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

The registration makes Department of Trust the dedicated safer gambling AIS provider. With its new status, Department of Trust can now connect directly to dozens of UK banks and payment institutions to provide gambling operators with its low-friction and privacy-friendly model of enhanced financial vulnerability, source of funds and proof of income assessments, as well as powering its consumer-facing BetBudget personal finance tool to independently assist consumers in keeping on top of their spend, controlling their data and tracking their overall gambling P&L.

This latest development, which has taken over a year to achieve, follows the provider’s recent launch of its DoTrust Complete platform with The Rank Group. The major brand is the first to use this bespoke, integrated suite of frictionless assessments which gives operators end-to-end risk evaluation of their players to spot and support potentially vulnerable customers from the moment of registration onwards

DoTrust founder and CEO Charles Cohen, said: “Becoming an AIS in our own right is a major step forward not just for us, our customers and users, but also for the place of Open Banking in supporting safer gambling generally.

“Financial risk assessments of gamblers are different to those in other sectors and demand a bespoke approach which is sensitive to the needs of consumers and operators alike. The industry needs providers able to deliver high-acceptance, low-friction and privacy-protecting financial assessments of players which are both accurate and proportionate throughout the player journey.

“Being an AIS is the gold standard of Open Banking connectivity and allows us to do that alongside our frictionless checks for lower risk situations in a really seamless way and without being distracted from the task at hand. Having direct access to the banks means we can offer the highest level of service, innovate faster and ensure integrity throughout, whilst providing the best value for money in the sector.

“In combination with our recently launched "Complete" platform integrating frictionless checks for identifying financially vulnerable customers early on, today’s announcement further reinforces our commitment to providing the tools required to ensure compliance in regulated markets around the world.”


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DoTrust is an award-winning provider of financial risk vulnerability checks for regulated gambling operators. DoTrust has also created the BetBudget personal budgeting tool, which is free for consumers to support healthier financial choices.

The company’s trust based approach to proof of income using Open Banking has resulted in operators achieving six-fold or better success rates when requesting confirmation of income from players compared to more intrusive methods. DoTrust Complete builds on this success to provide frictionless checks for earlier in the customer journey which are undertaken passively based on registration data.

The solution is designed in anticipation of operators being required to undertake more frequent and regular evaluations as a result of the governments current review of the Gambling Act.

DoTrust was founded by industry veteran Charles Cohen, who is CEO. It has offices in London, Edinburgh and Gibraltar. It is privately held and backers include Tekkorp Capital.

For further information please visit www.dotrust.co.uk


Open Banking is a government initiative to enable consumers to allow FCA-registered third parties access to their bank data for added value services. The FCA has authorised around 100 companies as AIS providers ranging from banks and fintechs to Apple and accounting software providers.

For more information on Open Banking visit openbanking.org.uk


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All materials are copyright 122 Ideas Limited, t/a Department of trust
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